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Premium New Zealand brand Living Nature is 100% natural and certified by BDIH Germany - a world-leading independent auditor of natural skincare and cosmetics.   Their products harness the incredible bioactive power of New Zealand’s native plants with their nourishing, purifying and healing skin benefits. Living Nature provides highly effective energetic skincare designed to enhance your skin’s own natural function. This efficacy is reviewed with ongoing independent testing. 

Living Nature uses unique New Zealand botanicals such as:

  • Harakeke Flax Gel  - nature’s super hydrator
  • Totarol  -  a super anti-oxidant and antimicrobial
  • Active Manuka Honey - nature’s miracle skin healer
  • Manuka Oil - a powerful skin protector.

These are just a few of the unique New Zealand           'Hero Ingredients' contained in Living Nature skin care.  

Living Nature products are made with absolute integrity and honesty to nurture your skin, protect your health and protect your planet:

  • Using only 100% natural ingredients, preservatives and fragrances, and entire range is certified natural by BDIH Germany.
  • If there's any question about an ingredient's safety, Living Nature will not use it. Every Living Nature product undergoes rigorous testing for purity and safety to ensure we remain free of any potentially damaging chemicals or toxins 
  • Living Nature packaging is recyclable, and free from Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates, dioxin and elemental chlorine.
  • Living Nature products are not tested on animals.


Living  Nature have always checked that their Mica is ethically sourced and provide the following statement:  

Mica is used in the Living Nature mineral make-up formulations to offer their amazing light reflecting properties, including giving the make-up sparkle and shine.

Living Nature is committed to partner only with suppliers that can guarantee ethical sourcing that ensures no child or undeclared labour is employed. Our suppliers regularly conduct strict audits, by internationally accredited auditing firms to verify only ethical mining extraction practices are used.




German-based BDIH set some of the most rigorous standards worldwide for naturalness. They extend far beyond the ingredients, taking into account the environmental impact of sourcing raw materials and production, how the ingredients are handled, genetic modification and consumers' expectations. The standards also ban the use of radioactive radiation to disinfect and what's more, a company's entire range must meet the criteria in order to achieve the Certified Natural Cosmetics seal.

It's an extremely difficult certification to gain, which is why Living Nature are proud to be BDIH certified, and in many cases to exceed their standards. See more about BDIH 

Living Nature believe it is important to tell the truth about their ingredients, products and manufacturing because they have nothing to hide.

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Many Living Nature products also proudly carry the Whole Foods Premium Body Care symbol. As the USA's largest retailer of natural skincare, Whole Foods have created Premium Body Care to identify the most exceptional personal care products available, with the strictest natural standards. It took Whole Food's experts more than two years to meticulously examine each and every personal care ingredient. Using the most current safety and efficacy data, research and resources available they evaluated each product ingredient in the four key areas of quality sourcing, environmental impact, results and safety, identifying over 400 ingredients unacceptable for Premium Body Care.




Over 80% of New Zealand flora is found nowhere else in the world; it is these rare plants that form the basis of Living Nature products which provide wonderful bioactive ingredients and properties. 

Manuka Oil

New Zealand tea tree, Leptospermum scoparium

For centuries, New Zealand Maori have used the Manuka Oil from the native tea tree, Manuka, to treat everything from rheumatism and fevers to burns and skin disorders.

Recently, scientists have confirmed that Manuka Oil is up to 33 times stronger than tea tree essential oil for protecting against certain strains of bacteria. It's also effective against the MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph. Aureus) bacteria, which is resistant to normal antibiotics.Used in skin care, the antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties of remarkable Manuka oil combat skin irritation and infections, including acne-causing bacteria. The leaves, flowers and branches  are harvested from the Manuka tree which is a native shrub to New Zealand without any destruction to the mother plant.  The essential oil is produced by steam distallation

Find out more about Manuka Oil

Active Manuka Honey

From the nectar of the native New Zealand Manuka flowers, Active Manuka Honey is a miracle beauty ingredient.

A natural antimicrobial, the power of honey to stimulate wound healing and promote healthy skin is well documented and scientifically proven. It is extensively used on the skin in hospitals for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and to stimulate the immune system, providing nutrients for cell metabolism and rapid tissue repair. It naturally contains acids, which aid in the clearing of dead skin cells.

The nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals in Active Manuka Honey give it special qualities. The bioactivity of Manuka Honey, referred to as the unique Manuka factor (UMF), is associated with the strong antimicrobial activity of this honey against the bacteria E. coli and Staph. aureus, major sources of skin and wound infections.

It works as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin, and the unique properties of Active Manuka Honey make it one of the most biologically active and beneficial honeys for the skin. It's perfect to enhance your skin's renewal process.

This uniquely New Zealand healer has extraordinary skin benefits - hydrating,moisturising, nourishing, healing, rejuvenating and protecting. That's why it's is a key ingredient throughout Living Nature's range.   It's used to firm and soothe, help repair cell damage and reduce acne scarring, to protect and deeply nourish. And since it's safe to eat, you know you can put it on your skin.

Find out more about Active Manuka Honey


Phormium Tenax Leaf Juice, New Zealand Flax Gel

Water is the stuff of life. Every living thing needs it to survive, and so does your skin.

Harakeke Flax Gel is nature's super skin hydrator, with a high quantity of natural skin nutrients and polysaccarides.

Harakeke is renowned for the clear polysaccharide gel exudate produced on the surface of leaves at the base of plant. The mild astringency of this gel helps control oil overproduction which, coupled with a natural antimicrobial action, makes it an effective defence against breakouts. It naturally soothes, hydrates and cools, reducing puffiness and redness.

The large grass-like leaves of Harakeke, which grow to more than 3 metres in length, were used extensively by Maori for clothing, thatching and matting. They also used Harakeke as a medicinal plant to treat boils, burns, as an antiseptic for cuts and internally for diarrhoea. In early European days in New Zealand, the strong leaf fibre of the Harakeke Flax was used to produce rope and linen.

Independent in vitro tests show Harakeke Gel to be more hydrating, moisturising and healing than aloe vera, which is why it is extensively in Living Nature products as an alternative to petrochemically derived synthetic gels . Help your skin maintain its moisture, just as nature intended.

Find out more about Harakeke


The world’s most natural soap

Native to New Zealand, Kumerahou is quite simply the world’s most natural soap. Rubbing the leaves and flowers of the Kumerahou shrub together creates a natural lather to gently and effectively cleanse without brasking the skin’s natural moisture barrier. The plant's high saponin content provides strong antimicrobial action, and also soothes and locks in moisture. Saponins are known to have beneficial properties on the skin and are active against the fungi associated with dandruff.

In pioneering days, Kumerahou was called 'gum diggers' soap' as the gum diggers would mix the flowers with water to clean the sticky gum off their hands. In traditional Maori medicine Kumerahou was used as a blood purifier and remedy for bronchial and kidney complaints.

Kumerahou is used throughout the Living Nature range, as an alternative to harsh surfactants such as SLS that strip the skin of its protective oils.

Find out more abouKumerahou


Totara Extract

Nature’s super antioxidant, totarol is 3 times stronger than Vitamin E, and a potent force to neutralise free radicals linked to skin ageing. Totarol is a compound from the heartwood of the Totara tree a giant of the New Zealand forest.  The wood is extremely resistant to decay due to its antimicrobial and potent anti-oxidant activity. The compound is extracted from recycled Totara using supercritical solvent-free extraction, so no trees are felled for its harvesting.

Totaral is utilised in Living Nature products  to protect against oxidative stress and free radicals which break down skin cells, and for its powerful antimicrobial properties.

Find out more about Totarol

Hallo Clay

Halloysite Clay, Kaolin

Hallo Clay is renowned as one of the word’s finest, whitest and purest clays. Sourced from New Zealand's pristine Matauri Bay, this unique Halloysite Clay was formed through subtropical weathering of ancient volcanic domes produced some two to nine million years ago.

Its fine particle structure and freedom from mineral contaminants common in other clay deposits gives Hallo Clay a remarkable ability to absorb toxins and impurities from the surface of your skin.

It is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin and for clearing pores of excess oil that may lead to the formation of blackheads. The poultice activity of the Clay gently absorbs pollutants and exfoliates the skin, drawing dead cells away from the surface to leave the skin fresh and accessible to nutrients.

Hallo Clay is used in Living Nature products our Cleansing Clay Peel and Deep Cleansing Mask, and as a thickener in their 100% natural mascara.

Find out more about Hallo Clay


Bladder Kelp, Macrocystis pyrifera

This super-nutrient of the sea is the fastest growing plant in the world.

Reaching lengths of up to 35 metres at maturity, Bladder Kelp grows at an incredible rate of half a metre per day in unpolluted South Pacific waters surrounding New Zealand.

Rich in nutrients absorbed from the sea it is used in Living Nature Living Nature products as nourishing food for the skin and hair.  It has the added benefit of the mild antiseptic properties of iodine and tannin to cleanse and purify, and silica for strong healthy hair

Find out more about Kelp

Rose Oil

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, Rose Otto Oil

The scent of Rose Oil de-stressing, and it's combination of over 300 nutrient compounds stimulates collagen production. It increases Hyaluronic acid and elastin levels too, so your skin feels firmer and looks younger overnight.

These powerful therapeutic and anti-aging properties make Rose Oil an essential ingredient in Living Nature products.   With 6,000 perfect rosebuds distilled into just 1ml, you really can bottle the world's ancient beauty secret.

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