Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a speciality skin care range for cancer patients. It has been developed by experts, cancer survivors, cancer patients and medical staff for the very special skin care requirements of those going through treatment for cancer.

Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a speciality skin care range for cancer patients. Developed by experts, cancer survivors, cancer patients and medical staff for the particular skin care requirements of those going through treatment. Following cancer treatment, regular skin care products can irritate the skin, in some cases making skin symptoms from the cancer treatment much worse. It’s therefore important to select the right product for any skin treatment. Mainstream skin care and beauty products often include alcohol and perfumes, which can further irritate the skin. Specially formulated skin care products will not include ingredients that can irritate, and are specially formulated to soothe sore, dry, itchy and sensitive skin.


Defiant Beauty products contain very few ingredients and, except in two cases, are fragrance-free.


Created By Cancer Patients

‘Chemo skin’ is a skin condition that sometimes results from chemotherapy treatment. Skin becomes dry, sore, sensitive and itchy. Cancer patients want skin care products that they can trust and that soothe and moisturise their sore, itchy skin. Defiant Beauty skin care products for cancer patients are formulated specifically for chemo skin and skin damaged by radiation treatment. Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young was not only created for cancer patients, it was created BY cancer patients.


Jennifer Young, creator of Defiant Beauty explains how the range came about:

Women don’t stop being women when they are diagnosed with cancer.  I often find myself saying this as a way of explaining why I started and why I created Defiant Beauty, skincare and beauty collections for cancer patients.

You didn’t stop being a woman when you were diagnosed with cancer but, in many respects, you have stopped being treated like one. No longer are you able to relax and enjoy products from Selfridges Beauty Hall (or the cosmetics aisle at Morrisons). Someone has told you to avoid a few of the ingredients in cosmetics but you’re not entirely sure what they are and which products they are in. Gone are the luxurious and delicately fragranced, beautifully wrapped serums, lotions and potions only to be replaced by thick white gloopy cream from a plastic pump topped dispenser – that’s your new skincare regime? You didn’t sign up for this.

Worse, your skin isn’t your skin anymore, it is itchy and sore and it reacts angrily when you put your favourite moisturiser on it. Losing you hair and feeling poorly you were prepared for, but this? Nobody mentioned your nails either did they?

I hear this all of the time from cancer patients, each one thinking it is just them, or not wanting to ask about maintaining their appearance as they have cancer and so, to worry about how they look is shallow and unnecessary, but worry they do. Shallow and unnecessary it is not.

It was being told of all of these extra burdens carried by cancer patients that provided the motivation to create the Defiant Beauty Skincare Collections.  A group of patients and survivors from my local hospital asked me to work with them to develop a range. The staff joined in and Defiant Beauty was the result.”


Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young Hero Ingredients

The ingredients used in the Defiant Beauty Collection have been chosen wth the side-effects of treatment for cancer in mind. In addition, they aim to promote regeneration and rejuvenation. contain very few ingredients in order to minimise the chance of a reaction and, except in two cases, are fragrance-free. Where there is fragrance, this comes from 100% natural essential oils. Organic ingredients are used wherever possible and the range is free from:


• Sodium L (or M) Sulfate

• Phthalates

• Animal Testing

• Petrolatum or Mineral Oils

• Endocrine Disruptors

These are some of the calming,soothing and nourishing ingredients used in Defiant Beauty's range: 


Calendula is a soothing herbal macerate that has been shown, in trials, to improve moderate to sever dermatitis (sore dry and itchy skin)

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been found to improve the condition of dry skin  and has

demonstrated in vitro broad-spectrum activity against SA, fungi, and viruses may be

useful in the proactive treatment of Atopic Dermatitis colonisation.

Essential Oils can be challenging for sensitive skin but are included in some the products when the benefits are proven:

Frankincense, Neroli, Mandarin and Sandalwood are all thought to have anti-ageing properties. Many of the mechanisms by which they promote and youthful appearance are closely linked with the challenges faced by cancer patients, e.g. lowering stress levels, promoting better sleep, reducing hot flushes

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